We use a wade variety of PV Panels ranging from small 140W leisure panels

to bigger 260W+ Household and Business panels.

Some of our suppliers include: CanadianSolar and Solarworld.

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Xanadu Eco Estate System

This is a 3-Phase Grid-tie system powered by SMA and 12x255W Canadian Solar Panels. The system also has an 800Amp/h back up battery bank to run fridges/waterpumps/TV's should Eskom not be supplying power. The back-up system Inverter and Power Point Tracker Supplied by Microcare. 

The system feeds excess power not being used-via the 3-Phase SMA inverter- back into the grid turning the meter back. Ensuring all the power you harvest from the sun is turned into monthly savings.

Designed, engineered and installed by Solarops.

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