This is a 3-Phase Grid-tie system powered by SMA and 12x255W Canadian Solar Panels. The system also has an 800Amp/h back up battery bank to run fridges/waterpumps/TV's should Eskom not be supplying power. The back-up system Inverter and Power Point Tracker Supplied by Microcare. 

The system feeds excess power not being used-via the 3-Phase SMA inverter- back into the grid turning the meter back. Ensuring all the power you harvest from the sun is turned into monthly savings.

Designed, engineered and installed by Solarops.

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This Solar System, installed by Solarops, provided the lighting power for around 300 parking bays. A good example of a business start up system.

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This 4 panel system installed by Solarops allows this Karoo Sheep farmer to run his entire farm almost exclusively on solar power. 

Updated: New set of 2V Lead Crystal Batteries and a new set of Panels installed by Solarops.

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This 6 panel system supplies supplement power to this game lodge greatly reducing dependency on Eskom. Panels installed by SolarOps.

Update: 3 New Panels added.

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This is an 8 panel system installed on a hanger greatly reducing this pilots' dependency on Eskom. Full installation done by SolarOps.

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With no access at all to eskom power this Karoo farmer has to rely on alternative power and generators. The two front-most panels and Power Point Tracker installed by SolarOps.


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These 3 panels replaced an old dompel pump and now supply 4000 litres of clean free water daily for this plot in Broedestroom. Installation and maintenance done by SolarOps. 

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Our biggest project to date. This is an off-grid system which means the owner of this lodge no longer needs to deal with Eskom. All of his power needs come cleanly from the sun.

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This is a 3KW system installed in a residential home in the Copperleaf Estate. The systems main purpose is to reduce this family's high energy bills.

It uses a 3KVA Victron inveter along side a 5KW SMA inverter to supply both the batteries and house with energy from the sun via the 12 panels.

This system uses a Victron 48/5000 in a ups setup.

It provies 7.7kw of back up battery power which are charged via Eskom.

This is a grid-tie system without battery backup. Purely to save on the monthly utility bill.


It features a 12kw SMA 3 phase inverter and 30x 300w panels producing 9kw under perfect conditions and around 30kw a day.

This is a 3kw ground mount system consisting of 18 panels, a Victron 48v 5000w Battery inverter and a 5000w SMA grid tie inverter using a frequency shift system.


The system comes with a 4000w bank of backup batteries and saves the owner up to 60% on their monthly bill.

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